Services Offered by Schwier Consulting, Joleen & Peers

What We Offer:

  • intuitive life coaching and mediumship phone sessions,
  • energy healing work,
  • some remote viewing work,
  • house clearings where abnormal activity is occurring,
  • house blessings for new home purchases or a home on the market trying to sell,
  • workshops and retreats
  • Small group, private circles, on a very limited basis with minimum participant requirements

Most of the services can be done virtually, over the phone. 


Our Ideal Clients:

Joleen and some of her trained peers serve a variety of clients. Here are some examples of our ideal clients. We thank you for referrals you can send our way. We make all appointments through the Contact Us page or through our Facebook business page under Schwier Consulting (please Like and Follow for updates), and we look forward to serving you, your friends and family.

For Intuitive Life Coaching:  This service is for any individual looking for some spiritual guidance in any area of life. Joleen is able to tune in with you prior to your phone session and ask for areas where focus or awareness is needed to help move you forward on your journey. Whether you feel lost or stuck in life, or experiencing grief or loss of any kind, or whether you are simply seeking to better understand an area of your life—she’s available to you.

We all experience times of confusion or times when reassurance and guidance is helpful. Sometimes we are so deep in our personal issues, we are no longer able to see as clearly as we’d like. Read more about what to expect during our intuitive coaching sessions.  If you or anyone you know may need an appointment with us, we are here to assist. Use the contact us page to setup a session. She does have a waiting list most often, but please use that form to initiate the appointment process.

For Energy Healing Sessions:  This service is for any individual or group of individuals experiencing a physical, mental or emotional need for healing. Energy healing is also a great “treat” for those who are not experiencing any healing needs. We describe energy work as a “massage for the soul.” It’s truly a wonderful experience for anyone.  Energy healing appointments are a wonderful way to re-energize, re-center, and focus on self. Joleen is credentialed in a number of techniques and is very capable of tuning in with you virtually/over the phone to help with healing situations. Ask Joleen about her personal experience with energy medicine, and be sure to check out our Testimonials. Use the contact us page to setup an appointment with us. We’d also like to provide you with this article that will provide more information on the types of healing modalities Joleen uses when offering sessions. Go to the Energy healing section of our webpage to access that information.

For Remote Viewing Sessions:  Joleen offers remote viewing sessions for specific cases, most frequently used for missing persons or criminal cases. Contact her privately for more details about her availability and pricing. Do not share ANY details about the situation at hand when contacting her for remote viewing needs. She is unable to work all requests, but can provide you with referrals in situations she is unable to assist with. There are some cases that might be outside of her current skill set, in which case, she can refer you to someone better able to assist you. 

For Workshops or Retreats:  One of Joleen’s greatest passions is teaching. She loves to sit with groups and to facilitate learning and wisdom sharing. When groups come together, the synergies and potential for experience sharing can be profound. Use the Contact Us tab to reach out about your Workshop/Retreat and provide the dates, location and how we might be able to assist you. She asks that her travel, private room, and meals be paid for and then typically charges a fee for her participation. 

For House Blessings and Clearings:  We serve those moving in or out of a house or apartment, interested in clearing the energy of the home. Homes hold the “Energetic Fingerprint” of all that existed inside the walls. It’s a good idea when moving to a new place, to honor the home with a “Spiritual Energetic Cleaning.”  We also serve those experiencing “paranormal” activity in their home. House blessings are a wonderful tool for those wanting to sell their home or for real estate agents with homes that just won’t sell.

For Doula Services:  Joleen does very limited Doula work at this time, simply due to her schedule and the commitment this service requires.  Joleen is a DONA trained birth doula and offers educational support and labor and delivery support for expecting couples. If you are interested in doula services please contact us.

For Support for “The Change” called Death:  Do you know someone who has a terminal diagnosis, someone struggle with a disease, are you struggling with questions about Life after this Life?  Joleen offers a variety of services for individuals, small or large groups dealing with loss, grief, or anticipating death due to a terminal condition. We offer workshops related to this area and programs for those preparing for “the change” called death. Please contact us with your individual needs. We are here to serve you during this time.